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"I HAVE to have another one of these most wonderful inventions!
I'd hate to tell you how many times I have had stitches fall off the needles because they were jammed into my shoulder bag. NEVER AGAIN! Perfect solution.

Gina from Georgia
Good Soapworks of Athens

"I love my Knitzi. It's beautiful to look at and hold, and so useful: I no longer have to worry about needles extracting themselves from my sock-in-progress, or from my handbag entirely! The project bag completes the set perfectly: everything is kept safe and clean together."

Tangled Creations

"I travel frequently, and I've snapped and splintered many needles by carrying my knitting in my purse -- even when using a sturdy knitting bag. With my Knitzi, I don't worry about losing or breaking my needles while I'm on the road. In addition to being useful, the wooden case is also lovely -- and my socks deserve it! "

Good-Natured Ribbing

"I've had this in my handbag at all times for the past several weeks. It's a beautiful way to keep the stitches of my sock-in-progress protected and in place. I no longer have to worry about my knitting needles punching holes in my handbag, and the wood is soft and friendly with the other items in my purse. I really impressed the other women in my knitting group last week when I pulled it out of my bag, too! Thanks for a great product."

Eleven Stitches

"I ride an hour everyday in the car to and from work and travel frequently. My time spent commuting and in airports and airplanes is where I get a lot of my sock knitting done. However, packing up my work and having it handy has always been a challenge. I tried a lot of different bags and containers for keeping my socks-in-progress together, but always ended up with my double-pointed needles getting tangled in the yarn, poking out of the bag, or falling out all altogether and getting lost. The knitzi keeps my needles in one place and my sock neat. It's also easy to find -- I don't have to rummage around in my purse or bag for it -- and lightweight, so it's easy to pack. I have two of them, and think I'll buy another! "

Good-Natured Ribbing

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