About Knitzi Products

What's the Knitzi made from?
The Knitzi is made from beautiful cherry wood. This wood comes from the Great Lakes region of the United States; namely Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. As the cherry wood ages, it takes on a deeper, richer shade enhancing the beauty of the Knitzi.

Is the Kntizi heavy?
The Knitzi's weight varies by size, but the average weight is 83 grams. Consider that this less than the amount of yarn required for a pair of adult socks (typically 100 grams).

What size Knitzi do I need?
Each Knitzi fits a 3/4 inch (19mm) needle range. Check the product description of the Knitzi you think is correct for your needles. If you are still unsure, contact us from the 'Contact Us' sidebar on the left of your screen.

Where does the Knitzi come from?
The Knitzi is hand-made by Nick LaPensee in Michigan, USA. See the About Us section.

About purchasing from Knitzi.com

Where is my order?
Knitzi.com sometimes experiences a back-log of production time. The date your order will ship is indicated strongly on the product page which you ordered from. It is also indicated on your email receipt, in the title line as either:

"1 x X-inch Original Knitzi (Ships 24 Apr)", indicating April 24
"1 x X-inch Original Knitzi (24 Apr)", also indicating April 24.

We're sorry for the back-log!

What methods of payment does Knitzi.com accept?
Knitzi.com accepts mail-in payment (check or money order), Paypal, or credit card. Just use the shopping cart on Knitzi.com and select your preferred payment method when its asked of you. Instructions on how to proceed with each payment type is outlined in the checkout process.

Do you ship to my country?
If you can receive postal mail, you can receive a Knitzi! When creating an account or shipping address, pick your applicable country and enter your state/province/ constituent country. For example, if you're in Scotland, select the country "United Kingdom" and type 'Scotland' in the state/province area.

How much is shipping?
You can find your shipping cost by following these steps:

  1. Add an item to your cart on Knitzi.com (no need to create an account).
  2. Go to the 'Shopping Cart' page.
  3. Click 'Shipping Estimator' *Click here to see it*.
  4. Fill out your Country and State/Province/Area. *Click here to see it*.

About Knitzi.com

How do I change my account information (email address, password, mailing addresses, etc.)?
Click on the 'My Account' at the bottom of any page on Knitzi.com

I lost my password, what do I do?
Use the Forgotten Password form to receive a new password. Your new password will be sent to your email address. You can then log in and change the password in the 'My Account' section of Knitzi.com.

If you have any other questions, please contact us!

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