About Us

Knitzi.com was founded by my husband Nick and I because we wanted to bring high-quality and useful hand-crafted knitting supplies to knitters around the world. Our flagship product, the Knitzi, was conceived of after my knitting friends and I complained to Nick about the hassles of traveling with socks-in-progress. Always the problem-solver, Nick went to work in the woodshop and several months and many prototypes later, the Knitzi emerged.

At Knitzi.com, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. All of our products are exclusive to the Knitzi brand, which means you get unusual, desirable items unavailable elsewhere. Our attention to detail extends throughout our operation from production to customer service and shipping.

When Iím not knitting, spinning, sewing, or crocheting, I work full-time in web design and user experience. Nick is a stay-at-home dad and woodworker by trade. Together, we are working to bring you the best knitting supplies that live up to our own high standards.

You can see more of my work at: Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas at info@knitzi.com.
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