*Ready to Ship* 7" Original Knitzi

The Knitzi is designed to contain your double pointed needles when not in use - slide your needles in, screw on the cap, and go! Although the Knitzi is made from durable cherry wood, it is extremely light - approximately 80 grams. That's lighter than the yarn required for an adult pair of socks (typically 100 grams).

Fits needles 6-3/4 to 7-1/2 inches long (17,1cm - 19cm).

The Knitzi is hand made in Dundee, Michigan, USA from Great Lakes cherry wood and finished to a beautiful shine.

More than 3 are available at this time. If you need more than this, then head over to the "Original Knitzi" page --> Click Here.

Ships Monday, Wednesday, or Friday (whichever is soonest.) (Orders with mixed ship dates will be sent at the later date on your receipt.)



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